Ole Miss vs California Report Card

Ok. We have all heard about Ole Miss’ defeat against a stingy California team, but we did have ups and downs in that game. This game wasn’t completely full of bad, there was some good too. For every week I will try to give a Ole Miss “Report Card” about how our team did in different categories.

Wide Receivers: A-

Honestly the wide receivers showed us what they made of against California last week. Even after A.J. Brown got hurt. Demarkus Lodge has really came out of his shell this season and is looking like another threat to our opponents defense, catching 4 passes for 100 yards including a 72 yard touchdown. D.K. Metcalf played an excellent game catching 3 passes for 125 yard including a 71 yard touchdown. Lets not forget Van Jefferson’s effort in this game too as he was a big factor in this game for us, catching 10 passes for 94 yards. The only reason why they don’t have a higher grade is because I notice some dropped catches like when A.J miss the catch that lead to an interception (was injured by impact).

Shea Patterson: C+

I think Shea Patterson deserves his own separate grade since he is the leader of our squad. Patterson showed us ups and downs in this game but lets start by what he did good. Shea throws a great deep ball to his wide receivers. It seemed like almost every time he threw it deep you knew that it was a perfectly thrown ball to his wide receivers. Even if they didn’t catch the ball, you couldn’t put the blame on Patterson. On the other hand, Patterson has to learn when it’s time to throw that ball away. Multiple times when he was rushed by the California defense he tried to do something with the ball whether it was throwing it under pressure or trying to do something with it himself. He’s got to learn when to throw that thing away. Also he has to look at the field better. One time it look like he had nobody to throw to and just threw it right to a defender for the interception.

Special Teams: D+

What can I say? I was not a fan of our special teams tonight. Kicker Gary Wunderlich missed a PAT which lead to him getting hurt. Wunderlich not returning to the game was a huge blow to the Rebels. Our backup kicker Luke Logan had to kick a 42 yard field goal to keep us alive and missed it, badly. I was really suprised that they didn’t let our starting punter Will Gleeson kick it. He would be the guy I would want to be our kicker if Wunderlich were to ever get hurt.

Defense: B-

Well, The Rebel’s defense did way better than they was projected to do. I was really suprised about how much presure on California quarterback Ross Bowers. I also thought that we did a good job by not letting a WR have more than 100 yards in receiving. We also got 2 interceptions both coming from C.J Moore. I didn’t like how poor we did at tackling. We could have gotten a lot of 3rd down stops if we could just plain tackle better.


Ok, so if I was seeing this report card I wouldn’t be too happy. Like normal parents, I wouldn’t be so focused on the good grades just focus on the really bad ones. I think we can improve these grades all around, but i wouldn’t be happy to show mom this one. For now WAOM! ~ The Kid


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ethel McKinney says:

    Thanks Kid for interpreting the game for me. Good calls.


  2. Amanda says:

    I wonder if Wunderlick goes to the NFL how he will do on the Wunderlick test..? LOL


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