Chad Kelly Gets His Chance

This may be a surprise to other people, but if you have seen Chad Kelly play before then you know he can be something special in the NFL one day. He has the ability to do so however there were some questions about him headed into this draft. There were questions as to whether like will he be healthy or will he get past his off-field issues. If Kelly can play his cards right, then he can easily have success in the NFL.

If you have not heard already Chad Kelly was last pick in the NFL Draft. Ole Miss fans knew he would not come early in the NFL Draft. However, when the first five rounds passed we got nervous. We began to think he wouldn’t get pick at all. ESPN showed a video of Kelly at home. It was a sad picture of him laying on the couch. Finally, he was on the edge of his seat during the last pick.

It was kind of a surprise the Bills didn’t take him. However, John Elway reached out to Jim Kelly. After getting reassurance that Chad was indeed a good kid, the Broncos pulled the trigger on Chad.

I think Kelly also has a chance to start for the Broncos this year. Since losing Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler in 2015, they haven’t found a reliable QB since. Chad Kelly has the ability to change that.

Everyone knows he has the talent to be big trouble for defenses across the league. Remember, one of the best QBs who has ever played the game (Tom Brady) was also drafted late in the NFL Draft. So don’t count Chad Kelly out just yet. Never forget Rebel fans WAOM ~The Kid

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