Why I Love to Write About Ole Miss.

When I was little I wasn’t really interested in watching sports. I like to have fun and play sports so you would think I like to watch them too, right? I’m a student at South Panola. I remember one Friday night I went to a high school football game. It was South Panola vs Horn Lake. So, I’m just watching the game having a good time and then I remember seeing this one player. He was dominating on defense. At this time I didn’t know a whole lot about football. However, I knew enough to know that this player was playing great. On one play he would lock down a offensive player and the next play he would make a huge hit or a tackle for a loss. His name was Antonio (Tony) Conner.

Tony Conner was coming off a huge senior year for South Panola and was a 5 star player coming out of high school. He was offered by coaches such as Dan Mullen, Jimbo Fisher and even the big dog Nick Saban tried to get Tony Connor. However, Hugh Freeze was able to keep him in the State to attend The University of Mississippi also known as “Ole Miss”. I was happy about this because Tony Connor went to where my dad went to college. That’s when I decided to become a Ole Miss fan. It’s 20 minutes from my hometown; my favorite player was going to play for that team; and my parents went to Ole Miss.

August 29th, 2013. Ole Miss plays Vanderbilt to start off the 2013 season. There was a lot of hype around this game as to very young and talented team collide in Nashville in what should be a very interesting game for both programs. It was a really good game Ole Miss was leading 10-0 in the first quarter but then Vanderbilt scored 21 points in the next quarter to lead 21-10 at the end of the half. Our backup quarterback at the time named Barry Brunetti ran for a touchdown but Vandy answered with a touchdown of their own. Later Bo Wallace gets a touchdown and makes a two point conversion to cut the lead to three to make it 28-25 at the end of third quarter.  The fourth quarter was when I started getting pumped up.

I knew that if there was any chance of winning this game we had to rely on Bo Wallace. With nine minutes left in the game Wallace sneaks in for a touchdown to get Ole Miss up for the first time since the first half. We felt like we had this game if we can just hold this lead. But with one minute to go left in the game, Vanderbilt’s QB Austyn Carta-Samuel makes a 34 yard touchdown to put them on top 35-32. Vanderbilt’s crowd was going crazy after the stunning touchdown and looked to be the game winner, however it wasn’t. In one of the most memorable plays in Ole Miss history, Jeff Scott rushed for 75 yards to get a touchdown! After I thought all hope was lost, me seeing this play was just really amazing for me as a young kid. Ole Miss would go on to win 38-35.  Tony Conner also caught a pick in that game. It was good seeing our young stars take the field and show the world what they are made of in there first game.

This wasn’t the only thing that got me started, though. Three years later my father as some of you refer to him as “K. L. Williams” got a offer to write for a blog called OleHottyToddy.com. He did accept the offer and has been writing for them ever since. Not only did he write for this site he also used to write at a local newspaper in Oxford about Ole miss sports. In fact, just maybe a month ago he also got another offer to write for Rebel Nation Magazine!

I’ve always been that one person who likes to talk about sports when ever I feel like it. I love to go to any sports games. There are times when I go to the Memphis Grizzlies’ games or Ole Miss games.

So since I love Ole Miss, I decided to start a blogsite so I could share my opinions about sports with other people. So there’s a lot of reasons why I love writing about the Rebels whether it be because of Tony Conner, Ole Miss itself or even my dad. I’ve realize that sports isn’t just about the game. It’s also about treating teammates like they’re family. I plan to be a Journalist/Writer for sports when I grow up and I look at this website as an early start. So I would like to thank every for the support I have gotten so far. For now WAOM! ~ The Kid

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