Things I liked/disliked about the Grove Bowl

In case you didn’t know, Ole miss held it’s annual spring game known as the “Grove Bowl” Saturday. It was exciting. There was a lot of questions coming into the game. How will Shea Patterson do in the Grove Bowl?  Will our defense play better?  Here’s what I liked and dislike about this year’s Grove Bowl.

Like: New Offensive Roles

As you may have seen in the Grove Bowl this year, we saw different roles for some of our players. There is some questions that redshirt sophomore Jason Pellerin might play another role considering that Shea Patterson will start at QB for 2017. Plus, Ole Miss signed Jordan Ta’amu  this past year. Ta’amu had an excellent Grove Bowl. He seems to be an ideal backup quarterback.  Pellerin did play at the tight end role for the Grove Bowl and this will most likely be his new position at Ole Miss.

Dislike: Secondary Defense

This has been bothering me for sometime now. I really think if Ole Miss has a shot of a good year we need our secondary to play better. We saw them give up a lot of big plays and missed tackles. It left a really bad taste in my mouth to see them give up so many plays. It might not be that bad when Ken Webster comes back but we cant just depend on one guy to do it all. I did like what I saw from Cam Ordway. We had a few guys out due to injury. Also we have a couple of guys coming in this summer. Hopefully our secondary will improve before the Fall.

Like: Wide Receiver Groups

If there is one thing I love in this game was our wide receivers groups. We saw some big plays by A.J Brown and Markell Pack. I was also glad to see D.K Metcalf return and have a good showing after getting hurt last year against Wofford . Even though we did lose Damore’ea Stringfellow and Quincy Adeboyejo last year, we still have a lot of talented wide receivers. I also like Van Jefferson because if you give him space for just a second he can make a big play. I think it was a great pickup for Ole Miss to recruit him to our team.


Then again it is the Grove Bowl. You can’t think everything is going to go right in this game. If your offense does well it leaves you with questions about your defense and if the defense does well it leaves you with questions about our offense. I think Shea Patterson did do really well in this game. I also like our new offensive coordinator Phil Longo. I think he can easily lead our offense to sucess in the SEC. There was some ups and downs in this game but we have to remember that this is only spring practice and not a actual game. As for now WAOM ~ The Kid.

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  1. Ethel McKinney says:

    I loved reading this article. I’m not up on sports but this article sure did give me an education on The Grove. I’m always looking for a good read and this really was one good read


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