Even Though We Lost We Had a Great Year!

Georgia Tech pulled off a win against Ole Miss in the NIT Tournament in which Ole Miss could never really get a lead. In what seemed like a disappointing lost for our Rebels we have to give credit for what they have done this year. If you think that this season was the a total ripoff or you want to fire Andy Kennedy then you don’t know how much he has done for this program. Let’s reflect on what he did for our team this year.

We first saw our program make a strong start to the year going 5-0. We saw our first lost in the Paradise Jam Tournament against No.18 Creighton 86-77. It was a game in which Deandre Burnett scored 22 points. Burnett had a decent year this year.

Deandre Burnett showed us what he was really made up putting up 41 points in his third game with the team! After that game you could tell that Burnett could probably be our next star player on our team. Let us not forget either that he scored 23 points in his first game against UT-Martin and help us pull out our first win of the new season. Burnett was surely a key factor but he wasn’t the only one.

You probably didn’t expect to hear his name much but Terrence Davis Jr. was also a really good player for Ole Miss this year. He average 14.2 points and 5 rebounds per game. When we rally needed him he showed out. Remember the Ole Miss vs LSU game? Well, besides pushing the lead out late in the 2nd half, Davis had drop 33 points and showed us what he is really about.

We also had some really good games this game this season as a team including near upset like when we played No.5 Baylor. We stayed competitive for the whole game but Baylor somehow came out with a win. This is when I started to see new life in Ole Miss after a terrible start of 1-4 in SEC play.

Their best game was the game against the Syracuse Orangemen. Syracuse lead for most of the 1st half until Burnett and Davis started to light a fire in the offense. We saw them knock down 3s like crazy. Cullen Neal also helped Ole Miss in this game was nailing down 3s. Sebastian Saiz was strong as always. Unlike the Baylor game, Ole Miss pulled off the upset against Syracuse 85-80.

Ole Miss ended the season 22-13 including the NIT Tournament. Another season of the Rebels and not having a losing record since the 05-06 season. This is one of the reasons why I don’t want Andy Kennedy leave the program. If we want to continue our winning tradition we need to keep him around. So if your on the “Fire Andy Kennedy”  train you need to hop off because he is one of the reasons why Ole Miss basketball is like it is today. We need to appreciate him for that.

As I conclude this article Ole Miss and Andy Kennedy has giving us more hope. Although we might lose Saiz, we can see Deandre Burnett and Terence Davis Jr. have a really good looking future. WAOM! -The Kid

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