Ole Miss Fans: Let’s Support Our Rebels

Ok so, by now we have all have heard about what has happen to Ole Miss. As you might remember, I wrote an article a couple of week ago about how Ole Miss fans are probably feeling about what the NCAA did to us. Well, its time to get out of your feeling and start helping our program.

We already know that Ole Miss isn’t going to a bowl game this year, but most of our players have continued to stay at Ole Miss. As Ole Miss fans all we can do right now is support our team this year.

Next year we get to bring back some stars on our team like Shea Patterson, Marquis Haynes, and D.K. Metcalf. We still have a good team. The Rebels are filled with lots of talent and hardworking players. I am still excited for what type of season we might have next year. I’ll be glad to start putting the NCAA investigation think behind us.

Lets not forget that its pretty much a new assistant coaching staff. I am still happy that we still have Coach Hugh Freeze. Plus we still have a person who really doesn’t get enough credit for some of the success Ole Miss has been having for the past few years, our offensive line coach, Matt Luke.

Although I was sad to see some of our old coaches go. However, it was the right decision for our former offensive coach Dan Werner and former defensive coach Dave Wommack to move on. We thank them for helping to build the successful program we have now.

It is great to see the energy the new coaches are bringing, however.I can not wait to see the new that Coach Phil Longo will run. Plus our defense should be pumped with Coach Wesley “Crime Dog” McGriff back in Oxford. This season should still be very exciting.

I guess you can see where I am going with this now. Just because the NCAA did something to us doesn’t mean we have to worry about the bright future we have at Ole Miss. We may be down now but we won’t be down for long. WAOM!-The Kid

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  1. Anna says:

    Best line…..”Well, its time to get out of your feeling and start helping our program.” I agree!!


    1. Glad you agree with me Anna!!


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