Ranking Rivals Ole Miss fans hate the most.

If you’re a team in a SEC you’re going to have multiple rivals. That’s just how it is. The SEC has it’s fair share of intense rivalries. We have the Iron Bowl with Alabama vs Auburn. There is a fierce rivalry between Alabama and LSU. Georgia vs Florida was once called The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Plus there are many other exciting rivalries.

We also have some big out of conference rivalries that are big deals like Florida vs Florida State, Georgia vs Georgia Tech, and South Carolina vs Clemson. But what about Ole Miss? Ole Miss has it’s fair share of rival teams but which ones do you just hate the most? Who is the one that you just really can’t stand? Well, one part of being rivals is the hate. So I decided to ranked our rivalries by how much hype it gets, the history of it, and of course the hate.

5. Memphis Tigers

So this list starts with a team that is just north of Oxford and not even more than an hour away from each other. This rivalry was on for a long time until it took a 5 year break from 2009 and 2014. Ole Miss has completely dominated this series only losing 11 times out of 62 meetings against Memphis since 1921! The recent history in this rivalry has one of the most disappointing defeats for Ole Miss. In 2015 an unbeaten Memphis team (5-0) upsets Ole Miss at Liberty Bowl Stadium 37-24. They were led by their quarterback Paxton Lynch (now a QB for the Denver Broncos). This was a game that the Rebels should have won. Ole Miss returned the favor against them this previous season with a 48-28 beat-down.

4. Vanderbilt Commodores

Surprise, Surprise! Ok. I don’t think you guys was expected to see Vanderbilt in this list (or maybe you did). However, believe me this has been a pretty decent rivalry over the past decade or so. Ole Miss is currently leading this series 50-39-2. This rivalry has had some iconic Rebel moments. Who can forget 2013? Oh come on…Who doesn’t remember Jeff Scott’s 75 yard Touchdown to win the game against Vandy to later on win the game 39-35 which lead to the rise of Hugh Freeze and the Rebels.

We also saw future stars on that team like Laquon Treadwell and Tony Connor. In 2015 the Rebels didn’t play like they was supposed to against Vanderbilt while they were ranked No. 3. At the time they were still excited about defeating the #1 Alabama team. They struggled offensively but manage to get a 27-16 win. This year Vanderbilt turned the tables on us. They faced a wounded Rebels team and dominated 38-17. As Coach Derek Mason try to make Vanderbilt a powerful team in the SEC East division expect more out of this rivalry sooner.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

This is where it starts to get harder. You probably have already had an opinion on who was going to be in the top 3 and it should have been a no-brainer for Ole Miss fan. But the question that made this so hard was how do you rank them? So after thinking for a while I have chosen Alabama to be No.3 on our list. Now, we know Alabama has the upper hand in this rivalry, winning 49 out of 62 games. They have truly dominated us for the past century.

However, Ole Miss has beaten the Crimson Tide twice out of the past three years. We barely lost last year’s game 48-43. What has made this rivalry grow is the fact that they have become a little concerned when playing us. They have whined and complained with each loss. Plus Coach Nick Saban looked so relieved last year when they finally beat us again. I’m not saying that this doesn’t mean we are going to beat Alabama just about every year, but this rivalry is starting to get pretty interesting so don’t lose focus just yet.

2. LSU Tigers

Now, we should know who Number One is on this list (I won’t say just in case you don’t know). Once again I tell you this was pretty hard to rank the this top list. This is the rivalry that older fans believe this is true rivalry. LSU has beaten us 60 out of 105 games. This has always been a serious rivalry for both schools mostly because of how important the games were in the past. The most famous game was the Halloween Run of Billy Cannon in 1959. However the Magnolia Bowl has had many great battles.

In the middle of the all these great games where some of college football greatest players. Many times players from Mississippi go across the border and play in Baton Rouge. However, some of Louisiana players come over to Oxford.

We have seen star players such as Leonard Fournette, Eli Manning, Odell Beckham, Archie Manning, Booger McFarland and Patrick Willis. This rivalry is often ignored by most. However the SEC should appreciate this rivalry more often.

1. Mississippi State

Ugh, I can’t even get the word out of my mouth. Ole Miss vs Mississippi State has always been a serious rivalry in the SEC West. Ole Miss leads Mississippi State in all-time wins 63-44-6. Both on and off field they have been a thorn in the side of Ole Miss. Every time you try to talk about their program all you hear is 55-20 55-20!!! They forget how injured we were. While State fans are so focused on this game, let us not forget the past two years when we beat your so call “Best player in Mississippi state history”. This rivalry will always be important to Ole Miss and State since it just such a big deal for both Mississippi schools.

As I conclude this article, rivalries have made and improve the game for the better. The SEC is not the only conference with good rivalry games. However, I believe we have the best. Thank you for reading this article and expect more in the future! As for now WAOM!! – The Kid

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terry says:

    Well guess what? Who do you think we dislike the most? Ole Miss! I can’t use the word ‘hate’ because we (MsState)are better than that. Ignoring the stats, we love ❤️ giving Ole Miss a beat-down.


    1. Ha, this post made me laugh. Congrats you guys beat a unhealthy Ole Miss team. But yeah I get it I love the beatdown South Alabama gave yall in the 4th quarter. I mean yesssshh.


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