Ole Miss Basketball: Still Time To Make This A Great Year

After not having such a good year in football, Ole Miss was excited about this Ole Miss Basketball team. It appeared as if we had a lot of young talent on the team. We were excited to finally see junior transfer from Miami Deandre Burnett play in an Ole Miss uniform. However, I was mostly anxious to see our veteran center Sebastian Saiz begin his final year as a Rebel. Saiz averaged 11.7 points and 8.7 rebounds a game in his 2015-16 campaign.

The real question for this Rebel’s team was who was going to be that one star player for our team this year? Lately, Ole Miss has had a history of having one player that could be a volume scorer. Coach Andy Kennedy has had the services of great scorers like Chris Warren, Marshall Henderson and Stefan Moody. We were hoping that Burnett could be that kind of scorer. Well he’s a different type of scorer but when he gets hot, he’s tough to stop. He averages 17.1 points a game. However, the player that is playing the best is Saiz. He is averaging a double-double with 15.1 points and 10.8 rebounds per game.

Before Ole Miss started SEC Play this year, the Rebels had an outstanding record of 10-3 to start the season off. When SEC Play hit however, things didn’t start out quite how we wanted to. At the beginning of SEC Play we had to face Kentucky who is one of the best teams in the SEC. It was flat-out awful. Ole Miss was losing by as much as 24 points in the first half. Ole Miss loses 99-76. The Rebels started off in the hole at the beginning of SEC play. Ole Miss started out going 1-4.

However, it seemed Ole miss got back into the rhythm after just barely losing to a very talented Baylor team who was ranked in the top 5 at that time. Ole Miss Basketball isn’t bad at all. It’s just that (and I think I speak for Ole Miss Fans everywhere) they lack a killer instinct. They either start slow and then make an attempt at a comeback. Or they start fast and then allow the other team to get back in the game. Every game is a rollercoaster ride. We are still waiting for that big push that can put us in the into the NCAA Tournament. As of right now we need to close this season out on a high note. We need to do very well in the SEC Tournament if we want to get an invitation bid in the NCAA Tournament.  Or we might just be NIT bound. Either way, WAOM!-The Kid.

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