NCAA Investigation: How I Feel About the Results Against Ole Miss

Well, I thought I was going to have a good day today. I just woke up getting ready for school by finally putting on my T.Y Hilton Jersey (I’m a Colts Fan) for the first time. I just had a birthday on the 21st of February turning 14 years old and received it as a gift. I was feeling pretty good once I got to school and I had a pretty good day. So as I was getting relax at home and I look on my phone just to find out that the NCAA finally wants to come out there shell. They’ve lived in Oxford for like the past 5 years and they release new NCAA allegations.

Then I found out the school has self-imposed a one-year postseason ban for the 2017-2018 season. The most serious out of all the new allegations is the “lack of institutional control”. However there’s more. It is said that a former staffer tried to give a player $13,000-$15,000 to come to Ole Miss. That prospect however, did not enroll to the University of Mississippi. Many Rebels fans & players have giving their reaction toward this situation already as it still progresses on.

Yeah, we have a history of being disappointed. Like when Ole Miss loses by a lot or give up leads. However, this feels different. After hearing all this stuff about Ole Miss, you might feel like our Rebels have let you down. Ole Miss disagree with some of the accusations in the NOA. Your initial feeling is to find someone to blame. You can’t believe that Hugh Freeze and company would do this to you. But we don’t really know the entire truth.

But you still feel disappointed. Don’t worry it’s okay because it’s not the end of the world but it feels like it. This is probably what a decent amount of Ole Miss fans are feeling right now. I can’t really blame them because now it is going to feel like a longer offseason and knowing that we aren’t playing in the postseason this year just makes it feel even worse.

We all were upset or confused when we first heard about this. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal for diehard Ole Miss fans. We live, sleep and breathe Ole Miss. Therefore don’t feel like you are the only ones who are feeling upset right now.

How I feel

Ok, since I have heard about this I have been feeling all of these emotions that I have written down. But I’ve also been thinking a lot about teams like Baylor. How hasn’t Baylor been hit by the hammer yet? With all that stuff going on in Waco, TX,  I really feel like they deserve the death penalty. I don’t know if you guys agree with me but I think Baylor has a much bigger issue than Ole Miss has right now.

As I wrap this up I will always be a loyal Ole Miss fan and I will never switch teams or stop rooting for them whatsoever. I know as a young Rebel that longtime Ole Miss fans have been through the ups and downs of this football team. I will never abandon this team. WAOM!-The Kid.

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